How to Enroll My Child

Think Cultured Kids might be right for you?

Steps to enroll:

Call (do not text) (608) 886-9739 with questions about availability, or other topics important to you.  If it seems Cultured Kids can meet your needs, then click the appropriate link below to see availability, get on the Waitlist, or schedule a tour.  

CK-West (600 Grand Canyon Drive)   


June 19: 1 -Child Under 1yr

October 21: 1 -Child Under 2yrs

December 2: 1 -Child Under 2yrs

Ongoing Enrollment for: children 2 years and older

CK-Vilas (1315 Vilas Ave. near the Zoo)   

[There are currently no openings at Vilas expected until September 2025]


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