Enrollment FORMS (Required)

 Please fill out the Waitlist when you are ready.  All other forms can be completed once an attendance slot has been awarded to you.  Email all forms to Waitlist@CulturedKids.com for processing.

  1. CKIS Waitlist Form 2022

  2. DCF Child Enrollment Form (needed for all ages)

  3. CKIS Child Personality Profile and Schedule 2021 (needed for all ages)

  4. DCF Child Health History & Emergency Care Plan  (needed for all ages)

  5. DCF Child Health Report  (needed for all ages)

  6. DCF-Student-Immunization-Record-DPH-4020L (needed for all ages)  

  7. Photo Release Agreement

  8. DCF Sunscreen, Diaper Cream, Medicine Authorization

  9. Parent Acceptance of Policies 2022-23

Form Also Required for Infants and Toddlers  

 10. DCF Intake for Child Under 2 Years Old


Please Read and Keep at Home:

CKIS Parent Handbook as of 20220623

DCF Your Guide To Licensed Child Care  (needed for all ages)

It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child 

DCF USDA recommendations ages 1-12