Why You Want It

Our desire to create a neutral meeting place, where families of different cultures can come and interact and grow comfortable with each other, is of special significance to some people.  We believe we can be especially helpful to:

  • Families that have adopted children from Spanish speaking countries
  • Bi-racial and bi-cultural couples with children needing reinforcement of the minority culture
  • Parents with children that will eventually attend one of the many Dual Language Immersion programs in the Madison, Oregon, and Middlton school districts
  • Exposure to Spanish in earlier years will help your child in their transition into the dual language immersion methods employed in these two programs

Financial Logic

Whether you are paying $9 per hour or $400 per week child care is expensive.  Are you getting your money’s worth?  When you are away from your child is their caregiver giving your little one experiences and skills that you cannot?   Let’s face it.  No one can replace you in your role as parent, so while you are away why not ensure that your payments are bettering your child’s life in some other meaningful way that perhaps you cannot help them with?

This is the philosophy and motivation behind Cultured Kids of Madison.  We are not advocates of parent child separation during infancy, but when separation becomes necessary we seek to turn lemons into lemonade.  We provide a real, potentially lifelong benefit to your child through exposure to Spanish when their brain can make the most of it.  Please see our Supporting Research page for more about the mechanics of language acquisition.