Cognitive Benefits to Being a Bilingual Kid That Pay Off in Adulthood

It takes extra effort to raise a bilingual child. But, new research is showing the effort pays big dividends.

Bilingualism Is An Experience That Shapes Our Brain For a Lifetime

Brain research shows six key benefits to a bilingual education: Attention, Empathy, Reading (in English), School Performance and Engagement, Diversity and Integration, Protection Against Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Language Learning Process Starts from Womb

The Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington has recently published a study finding that language development starts within the last two months of pregnancy. This study challenges the idea that experience with speech sounds can [ … ]

Why Learn a Foreign Language? Benefits of Bilingualism

An article was published in The Telegraph highlighting seven key benefits of learning a second language, like improving your memory and perception skills. Enjoy the link below to learn more!

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