Our Philosophy

At Cultured Kids we strive to give your child the world. We have three guiding principles to help us do just that:

1) Love

2) Culture

3) Language


At Cultured Kids, we don’t have teachers, we have Tias. Tia is the Spanish word for “Auntie”. Our Tia’s treat your child like family. They create a loving, caring, supportive environment that gives your child a sense of security and safety; enabling them to grow, thrive and explore their world with confidence. 


By exploring other cultures and traditions, your child is given so much more than more knowledge. When children learn about other cultures, they also learn empathy and are given a whole additional set of lenses through which to see the world.


Cultured Kids is more than a language lesson. It is a full, immersive experience. Giving children the opportunity to learn Spanish when their brains are primed for language learning. Our Tia’s speak to all our children in Spanish, in a casual manner, giving them the tools to become truly bilingual.


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