Information about our classrooms

James Cooking Rice 

Currently we have 5 classrooms at Cultured Kids West and 4 classrooms at Cultured Kids Vilas. Their developmental stages are as follows:

The Abejitas (Bumblebees) Room is generally for babies to young toddlers from 6 weeks to 18 months.

The Catarinas (Ladybugs) Room is generally for children 1 year to 2 years.

Around the time children are 2 years old they will move into the Mariposas (Butterflies) Room.

Once children are 3, they are able to move into the Pajaritos (Little Birds) Room. Potty trained NOT required.

At approximately 4-5 years old (potty training essentially complete) children may move up to the Buhos (Owls) Room.



Many factors are considered when making the decision for a child to transition to a new room.  First and foremost is availability. Next, developmental milestones.  These are especially important for 1 year olds as they need to be able to walk steadily, feed themselves with their fingers, and only need 1 nap.  Second we take into consideration the child’s emotional readiness.  Other factors that we consider are parent wishes, current family situations, attachment to teachers, and ability to play nicely with younger children.


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