Emily Richter

When my three year old daughter started at CK, I was ambivalent about preschool.  I thought we’d give it a try, and if she didn’t like it, I’d pull her out and wait until she started 4K through OSD. As [ … ]

The Crandall-Casal Family

Nosotros conocemos a Michele y las tías (maestras) de CKM hace ya 4 años. Consideramos a CKM parte de nuestra familia. Nuestros hijos van felices a la escuela y las tías siempre están de buen humor y  los tratan con [ … ]

Jan & Kaija H.

Eero loves you and so do we! Gracias!

Benjamin P.

It makes me happy dropping Cora off here every day. I love that she’s learning and loved. Thanks.

Carissa C.

Ustedes son mas de mestras – son familia! Gracias por todos!

Karen B.

Thank you! Thank you! So grateful for all you do!

Samantha R.

Thank you so much for being such a big influence in Giovanna’s life. She loves all her tias very much and I couldn’t ask for anything better than the learning and care she receives here! Gracias!

Betsy & Aitor Luna-Berry

Sas un equipazo de tias maravillosas! Haceis que nuestra vida en Madison sea mas rica y llena de affecto.

Benjamin S.

Queridas Tias, Gracias a Ustedes mi hija nunca ha pasado ni un minuta del dia sin amor y carino. Para nosotros Ustedes son angeles, haciendo el trabajo mas importance del mundo. Mil gracias.

Christina R.

We are so lucky to be able to leave our girls with such caring and thoughtful women! Thank you so much! Gracias!

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