Instead of simply providing brief exposure to another language (1 to 5 hours/week), like many “bilingual” programs currently available, our program will provide the authentic venue and resources for your child to become a bona fide native of two cultures and languages. Our focus on the very young child captures the narrow window of rapid language acquisition where children internalize the nuances of pronunciation and word pattern more readily.

They are able to learn language easiest at this time and without the biases of a mother tongue. In effect, they won’t have a first language and a second language, but rather two first languages.

We are a premium provider of nurturing child care and language education specializing in complete cultural and linguistic immersion. This method is based on several tenets:

  1. The school will strive in every way to replicate living in the home countries of the languages being used.
  2. Enrollment of native speakers of the minority language will be something we strive for.
  3. Learning will be experiential. There will be no desks. It will not be an academic setting. We will not teach the children the language as a subject, but instead offer them the chance to live as a native speaker of the language would.
  4. All lead teachers are fluent in the language and most are native speakers.
  5. All staff will be those who we (the administration) and you (the customer) find to be the best possible caregiver. We will be ever vigilant in seeking those individuals that innately possess a love of children, patience, humor, and above all, a spirit full of charity.

We look forward to helping you give your child that which you yourself may not be able to give. Let us help you give your child the world. Give them the gift of friends!

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